Books In My Pile For Future Reading September 18, 2013

Alcatraz cell

Alcatraz cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have compiled some books to share with you in which you may be interested:

On The Rock 2008: Twenty-Five Years In Alcatraz: The Prison Story Of Alvin Karpas As Told To Robert Livesay

Alvin Karpis was the only public enemy of the Dillinger and Capone era that escaped a FBI massacre and did twenty five years in Alcatraz. Looks very interesting!!!

The Taming Of Chance     Ian Hacking

Hacking tackles the history of probability and covers the development of statistics in the 19th century and shows how it led to the decline of determinism.

Seeing What Others Don’t: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights     Gary Klein

I ran across this Amazon review by Robert Morris and I loved these questions that Gary Klein responded in the book.

(1) How to create an environment within which insights are most likely to occur?

(2) How to recognize and then grasp them?

(3) How to nourish their development and, if necessary, defend them while in that process?

Thanks again, Mr. Morris for sharing and l look forward to delving into this book.



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