Continued Reading: Kafka:The Years of Insight By Reiner Stach

Austrian Writer Franz Kafka

Austrian Writer Franz Kafka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I have stated previously Kafka is a complicated individual and in this section of the book he is battling the effects of tuberculosis and is determined to pursue his writing. He is truly struggling as you can see by the following quote from page 418-419.

“Last week I suffered something like a breakdown, as total a breakdown as I had only that one night two years ago; at no other time have I experienced that. Everything seemed over with, even today there seems to be no great improvement. There are two ways of interpreting it, and it probably should be interpreted both ways. First, breakdown, impossible to sleep, impossible to stay awake, life impossible, or, more precisely, the succession of life. the clocks are not synchronized; the internal one races at a devilish or demoniac or in any case inhuman pace, the external one limps along at its usual speed. What else can happen but that the two worlds split apart, and they do split apart, or at least tear away at each other in a fearful manner. There may be various reasons for the wild pace of the internal process: the most obvious one is introspection, which does not allow any idea to rest, but chases up each one, only to become a notion of an idea that in turn is the object of renewed introspection.”

This quote gives you a small indication of the complexity of this man and you wonder how he was able to accomplish what he did considering his circumstances and the circumstances that he put himself under.


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