Reading For September 9, 2013

Pop!Tech 2008 - Malcolm Gladwell

Pop!Tech 2008 – Malcolm Gladwell (Photo credit: Pop!Tech)

Over the weekend I was reading The New Yorker from September 9, 2013 and ran across this article by Malcolm Gladwell entitled “Man and Superman: In Athletic Competitions, What Qualifies As A Sporting Chance?” . This article was thought provoking from the point of what is fair in becoming a world-class athlete and what is not. I did not realize that Tommy John after he had his ulnar collateral ligament corrective surgery that he won 164 professional baseball games and pitched until he was forty-six. In the article it states that over one-third of minor leagues and MLB pitchers have had this type of surgery.

This article made me want to purchase The Sports Gene by David Epstein because of the thought provoking ideas about what we consider as honesty in sports. In the New Yorker article it ends with Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton and their use of drugs for enhancing their performance. Once again, very thought provoking. As a former teaching tennis professional I have very mixed emotions about where the line should be drawn on PED’s and their effect on sports in general.


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