Articles From The Economist August 31st-September 6th, 2013

Brazil: Muriqui Hills

Brazil: Muriqui Hills (Photo credit: Rhys A.)

I ran across these articles and thought they might be of interest:

“Health care in Brazil: Flying in doctors,”

This paragraph gives a great perspective on what Brazil is up against in providing healthcare to the country.

“The original plan had been to use federal cash to lure Brazilian doctors to poor municipalities. But despite the unusually high salaries on offer, only 938 signed up for the 15,460 jobs offered. Most of the 3,511 municipalities that wanted doctors were disappointed.”

Please check out the Doctor-deficiency syndrome chart on the bottom of page 30. It is particularly interesting to see that the U.S. annual growth in physician’s from 2000-2011 was only 0.7%.

“Drug Firms and Cancer: Lucrative Lifesavers,”

Check out the chart on the top of the page and notice the cost of a full course of treatment in the U.S. for combating cancer.

An example is the drug Revlimid provided by Celgene which treats myeloma at a full treatment cost of $95,390.

An interesting quote: “In April more than 100 experts in chronic myeloid leukaemia (another blood cancer) signed a paper to protest the high cost of drugs.

Both articles are highly recommended. Take the time to read them and comment!!!


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