Finished Analytically Reading: 1493 By Charles C. Mann

I finished reading 1493 by Charles C. Mann and the big idea that I got from the book was this: Most of my life I have looked for primary causes that have affected my decision


Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

making in areas of my life but I have not looked at the secondary causes which I have not even considered. Think about Columbus coming to America in 1492 and the invasion of the Europeans and what we learned in school about this. An interesting quote from the book made me realize that I really got a minimal education about this:

“Much of the great encounter between the two separate halves of the world,” Mann observes, “was less a meeting of Europe and America than of Africans and Indians.”

This above quote had never even entered my thought process until I read this book. The other areas of interest such as disease and the intermingling of the races prove to be of significant interest also. I am so glad I analytically read this and I more than highly urge you to go get this book and read it!!!


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