The Future Of The Library

Jamie LaRue

Jamie LaRue (Photo credit: Knight Foundation)

In our county recently we moved back from a private company running our public library back to our city and county running it. It was a political nightmare during those four to five years and I believe it will take several years to get our library on solid footing. Libraries are changing rapidly and I ran across this article in the July 2013 issue of Governing Magazine:

“The Once and Future Library: Can Libraries Survive The E-Book Revolution,”

This is a fantastic article by Dylan Scott about what Jamie Larue in Douglas County, Colorado is doing to combat the six major publishers in the United States and their stranglehold on e-books.

This gives you an example of what the major publishers are doing to the libraries:

“First of all, not every major publisher is selling products to any library that wants them. Several, including Simon & Schuster, MacMillan and Penguin, either don’t sell e-books to libraries at all or have only begun to do so through pilot programs that work with select libraries, usually concentrated in New York. This leaves out the nearly 9,000 other libraries spread throughout the rest of the country.”

Also, this is incredible to me:

“Even if publishers do sell to libraries, they’ve restructured the rules. HarperCollins, for example, sets a limit of 26 loans on each e-copy; after that limit is reached, the library has to purchase a new copy license.”

If you have any interest in public libraries or the e-book revolution I encourage you to read this article.


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