Currently Reading July 3, 2013

City Lights

City Lights (Photo credit: Ghassan Tabet)

I have become intrigued with the growth and development of cities and have run across a paper by Geoffrey West and Luis Bettencourt of the Santa Fe Institute about the scaling of cities and which is new to me, quantitative urbanism.

I started reading this book Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser and ran across some interesting quotes that I felt our readers might find of interest:

From Page 53: “Successful cities must build in order to accommodate the rising demand for space, but that doesn’t mean that building creates success.”

From Page 59: “Research by four economists found that in three out of four large cities, higher tax rates barely increase revenues because economic activity dissipates so quickly in response to higher tax rates.”

From Page 63: “The failures of urban renewal reflect a failure at all levels of government to realize that people, not structures, really determine a city’s success.”

These are just a few quotes from the book and it gave me quite a bit to mull over. This part of the book really focuses on Detroit and New York and the different paths that they took in handling the problems that they encountered. I am going to periodically comment on this book and I highly recommend it if you have interest in this subject.


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