Currently Reading January 25, 2013

I have become somewhat interested in a new field of study called cliodynamics. Cliodynamics is a multidisciplinary area of research focused on mathematical modeling of historical dynamics. In other words, researchers attempt to come up with mathematical models of history to explain “meta-history”-things such as civil wars, rise of empires and states collapsing. I have begun reading about this but I don’t have any opinions on this at this point. I read my first article but am going to have to reread it because I admit it was over my head. Here is the article:

“The Quest For Patterns in Meta-History,”  Santa Fe Bulletin Winter 2007, Author: David C. Krakauer   Link

I am going to give it another go this evening. If anyone has knowledge of this subject or this article please comment because I need to know if this subject is worth pursuing.

Also, I am continuing with Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic by David Quammen   Link

Clio—detail from The Allegory of Painting by J...

Clio—detail from The Allegory of Painting by Johannes Vermeer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.I read fourteen pages about Ebola and am becoming more fascinated by each page. I highly recommend this book again!!!


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