Notes From The Annals Of Health Care: Big Med By Atul Gawande Part Two

One of the interesting things that Dr. Gawande said in the article was that the standards covered the basics. When I taught tennis we really focused on the fundamentals and always came back to them when we had problems. Strategy was important but if you could not do the basics, then it was all for naught. What industries are currently in the forefront of moving ahead such as medicine is with the tele-I.C.U.? Currently, there are over two-hundred fifty hospitals from Alaska to Virginia that have installed a version of the tele-I.C.U..

This part of the article was interesting from the standpoint of who is really in charge in a hospital? Would it be the doctor who is physically at the location or the tele-present physican? I could tell by the article that there was an uneasiness about this.

Other interesting areas to contemplate in the article were computer forecasting of patient volume. What will this do to help drive down costs? And finally, will this move to big medicine suppress innovation and do the opposite of what is intended and drive up costs over time?

The Bon Mot Book Club - Dr. Atul Gawande

The Bon Mot Book Club – Dr. Atul Gawande (Photo credit: Urban Mixer)


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