Some Thoughts From Anonymous About Extravagance

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“The average man’s ambition is to be able to afford what he’s spending.”

“If Americans bought only what they could afford it would destroy our economy.”

“It is especially hard to work for money you’ve already spent for something you didn’t need.”

“Extravagance is anything you but that you can’t put on a credit card.”

“Living on a budget is the same as living beyond your means except that you have a record of it.”

Finished Reading: The Book Of Strange New Things By Michel Faber

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This is a wonderful fiction work that upon reading several reviews has been deemed as unclassifiable. This is the story of relationships between Peter Leigh, a pastor with a tremendous amount of faith, his wife Bea and a people named the Oasans, who reside on the planet, Oasis. Peter is called to be a missionary to these people by a corporation named USIC, who has built a colony there for various reasons. Bea is left behind and continually faces numerous challenges.

The book explores these relationships and the challenges in which distance plays a major theme. I mean distance from the physical standpoint. It challenged my thinking about relationships from the investment side. Relationships are very difficult when an investment is not being made from both sides. If you think about your relationships, most of them did not begin 50-50. Someone put in more work at the beginning and then it moved in one direction or another based on the investment of time and trust. Of course trust takes time to build. That is what I see in this book. A wonderful read to see the difference in people and what is required to make them reach out to others and most of all, get out of their comfort zones.

I have said this before here; I do not read very much fiction, but I found this book to be an awfully good read and I highly recommend it.

Some Thoughts On Kindness From Anonymous

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“The cow know she has to be milked, but she will give her milk more freely when treated with kindness.”

“Trust a dog with kindness, pet him often, feed him well, and he’ll never leave you. The same system usually works with husbands.”

“Kindness is a warm breeze in a frigid climate, a radiant heat that melts the icebergs of fear, distrust, and unhappiness.”

“Milk can be kept in cold storage indefinitely. That’s the way a lot of milk of human kindness is kept.”

“Don’t expect to enjoy life if you keep your milk of human kindness all bottled up.”

Some Thoughts About People From Anonymous

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“People should not forget the mama whale’s advice to the baby whale, ‘Remember, it’s only when you spout that you get harpooned.”

“People are certainly funny—they want to be in the front of the bus, in the back of the church, and in the middle of the road.”

“It’s a funny thing about some people. They don’t want to be treated like everybody else—they want to be treated better.”

“There is no perfect solution to any problem with human beings mixed up in it.”

“Many people are flexible. They can put either foot in their mouth.”


Finished Reading: How We Got To Now By Steven Johnson

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As I stated in an earlier post on this book, Johnson brings together how six basic technologies and  innovations including glass, cold, sound, clean, time and light changed so many elements in our world. Even though this book is not very lengthy and can be read quickly, as I finished it, it made me consider building blocks and how I can use basic fundamentals in all aspects of my life to improve.

One of the most interesting quotes in the book from Steve Jobs on page 254 is:

“Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

That is about as good as it gets my readers!!!

Some Thoughts On Reputation From Anonymous

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“Reputation is precious, but character is priceless.”

“There are two very difficult things in this world. One is to make a good name for one’s self, and the other is to keep it.”

“A man has three names: the name he inherits, the name his parents gave him, and the name he makes for himself.”

“No one can build a reputation on what he’s going to do tomorrow.”

“So live that when death comes the mourners will outnumber the cheering section.”


Some Thoughts From Anonymous About Friendship

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“Bees can’t make honey and sting at the same time.”

“Friendship is usually a plant of slow growth.”

“You can only extend the hand of friendship; you cannot force the other fellow to grasp it.”

“The man who has strong opinions and always says what he thinks is courageous-and friendless.”

“We are on the wrong track when we think of friendship as something to get-rather than something to give.”